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Happy Summer!

Welcome to Just Let George Do It .com!!

We are emphasizing our new home safety program.  Visit our newest area of focus. Click the link in the navigation bar above called Home Safety or click here.

Think about all those projects that you have on your list.  Many may even have been started that remain unfinished? Now think about who is going to finish them?  Do you want to do it yourself?


I’m George Whittaker; let me help you finish those projects.  You may have storm windows or screens that may need to be changed out for the
season changes. You may have a single story house with gutters that need cleaning.  You may have yard cleanup from fallen tree limbs from that last storm. How many unfinished projects do you have on your list? Which one needs to be finished first? Let G
W do it.                                                                                               

We are starting to specialize in home safety.  Specifically, child-proofing. What about the safety of your home? Is your doggy-door large enough for a toddler to slip through? Is your kitty-door small enough to keep a crawling baby from following your kitty through that door to your basement  steps?
** Parents & Grandparents – PLEASE! Child-proof your home before the unthinkable happens.**
The short list of what I CAN help with:
  • Baby, toddler, child safety. Child-proof your home.
  • Home or small office computer services – Wireless, WI-FI, Hard Drives, Setup and transfer of Data to new system. HandymanToolBelt
  • Electrical – add a new outlet, replace a broken outlet, make a 2 plug into a 4 plug outlet.
  • Plumbing – leaks, new laundry sink, garbage disposals, drains, new toilets, new faucets.
  • Carpentry – crown molding, baseboards, wood flooring, laminate flooring, trim work.
  • Wall and ceiling drywall repairs, fill cracks, pictures hanger holes, door knob holes.
  • Painting – Inside. Single walls to full rooms and trim.
  • Seasonal services  – screen to storm, storm to screen changes.  Leaf blowing, gutter cleaning (single story)
  • Pressure Washing walks, siding (single story only), & decks.
  • Install outside play-sets, build shelves in sheds or garages.
  • No charge, full HOME INSPECTION with full report and FREE QUOTES.

This is a very small list that gives you a sampling of what I do.  There is not a complete list because clients ask me to do new things all the time. If you’re not sure if I can do it, just ask! Remember, I always provide FREE flat-fee quotes.

I will furnish all materials for you or you can purchase them separately and I will install them for you.  I will quote the project total before any work starts and you will never pay a penny more than our quoted price unless the scope of work changes or materials cost more than planned.


Most projects are completed with a fixed price for labor. No surprises. If I missed it, it’s on me!

Let me help get that ‘honey-do’ list whittled down. Your satisfaction guaranteed or you don’t pay for labor. Visit our About Us page for more detail.
Jan 072014


Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of April this year.  That’s right, no more updates or security hole fixes.  You will be on your own if you are still running the 12 year old operating system (OS). This OS is now considered by Microsoft as “end of support”. I don’t know about you but I still have one old XP workhorse that I continue to nurse to health and it’s about time for me to replace it with a newer version.

I came across an article on Windows Secrets website the other day that I thought would be interesting to share with you. If you no longer have a Windows XP system then this is not for you.  But if you do, the five minutes it takes to read this article will help you through what you need to do.

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Oct 092013

We decided it was time to post this information as a lot more computer work is coming our way lately.  It seems that the first question is how much do you charge.  Those of you that have used our handyman services know that we prefer to use a flat charge after a physical visit and have our clients comfortable with the flat amount before we ever start the project.  With computer’s it’s not only different from handyman projects; it is a completely different skill set.

pleasecallsupportComputer fixing is more like a combination of diagnosing, experimenting, setup changes and/or programming changes to try to resolve problems.  Of course installing new programs if pretty straight forward, but repairs are tough. So we have come up with some standard ways of charging that doesn’t penalize our clients, for their lack of knowledge, when trying to explain to us the issues they are having. Therefore, before coming out to your house, we will talk through the issues with you on the phone and make sure we fully understand the problem before visiting with you.

To answer your first question our charges: Continue reading »

Aug 262013

garbage_disposalOur garbage disposals are very necessary and very expensive to get fixed or replaced.  This post tells the story of a LetGwDoIt client who called us for help and instead of rolling the truck we helped fix it over the phone. Here are he call notes: Continue reading »

Aug 262013

We all know that moisture/water in our basements can cause  myriad issues.  For example. mold only needs moisture and a food source to thrive.  Just about anything is a food source for mold; drywall, wood paneling, etc. Our dehumidifiers remove the main source of water by removing it from the air.

dehumidifierThe typical setup is to attach a short hose to your dehumidifier to drain the water it produces into the sump pump hole. The hose  is supposed to drain through it and not fill up the bucket.  This way you don;t have to monitor it too often to empty the bucket when it gets filled up.  Many units have a control that allow you to set the humidity level.  This humidity setting helps control when the unit runs and when it shuts itself off. During the winter, the humidity in on the east coast is low; most automatic units will not run for months at a time.

Some owners think that once they attach a hose they never again have to worry about checking the unit for a full bucket. THEY ARE WRONG! Most dehumidifiers on the east coast are in the basement, somewhere out of view. Many people don’t know that their unit stopped working until the smell or see mold growing.   Here’s what happens. Continue reading »

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